• Fagottini truffle pasta with Parma ham
  • Seafood pasta
  • Four-cheese gnocchi
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Our Story

After owning and operating restaurants for 3 decades in Italy, Celso and Franca came to retire in beautiful San Diego and spend time with their daughter. But after just a few short months of enjoying the beaches, the couple realized their true joy was cooking and that is how “Parma” was started.

The inspiration came from the couples’ fondness of their hometown of Parma in Italy, which is well known for its Parmigiano cheese, Prosciutto di Parma and the world’s most famous pasta maker, Barilla. Parma Restaurant offers Northern Italian cuisine, fresh ingredients and simple presentations.

Celso’s specialty is pasta. Don’t miss the best lasagna in San Diego. Franca has her unforgettable dessert creations with homemade Tiramisu, Torta della Nonna and Profiteroles.

Then Leonardo, co-founder and chef owner of Parma Cucina Italiana and his wife Francesca, came to San Diego with the aim to help the retired couple. They were both born in Florence, Italy, where they discovered their hospitality and culinary spirit. Since 2012, Leonardo and Francesca helped create one of the most recognized and appreciated Italian restaurants in San Diego.

Parma Cucina Italiana is as authentic as it gets.

Opening Owners
Celso and Franca

Owners Celso and Franca

Leonardo and Francesca

Co-founders Leonardo and Francesca